Suspect Kills Store Employee During Gas Station Robbery But Doesn’t Get Charged With Murder

An employee-clerk at a service station was shot and killed during a robbery in Antioch, California. However, officials have suggested that the robbery suspect has a different claim that may release him from potential murder charges.

James Williams, 36, was shot and killed last Saturday as he worked at the Chevron station at 2701 Contra Loma Blvd. in Antioch.

Two men entered the unlocked storefront of the gas station. They committed a late-night robbery and tried to flee. Williams chased after two men running from the store and shot at them, according to the Antioch Police Department.

One of the robbery suspects, Ronald Jackson Jr., was hit by William’s gunfire. He then returned a gunshot, killing the employee that pursued them.

Antioch investigators charged Jackson with robbery, possession of stolen property, and a firearm enhancement, but declined to charge him with murder. Jackson was not charged with murder because the killing could be considered self-defense, authorities said.

District Attorney Diana Becton said her office made a legal and factual determination that Williams’ actions were not self-defense, and that he continued to pursue Jackson after he shot him.

Legal expert Steven Clark agreed with Becton’s decision not to seek a murder prosecution. However, he faulted her for failing to quickly and forcefully explain the rationale to an understandably concerned and confused public.

Williams’ death will play a key role in seeking maximum punishment, even though Jackson won’t be prosecuted for the clerk’s slaying.

James Williams is remembered as a devoted father who worked the overnight shift at the Chevron station in Antioch. The girlfriend of the deceased clerk has also spoken out, sharing that she is devastated by his death and doesn’t understand why this happened.