Boyfriend Arrested For Girlfriend’s Murder After Blood Was Found In His Apartment

Jasmine Pace, 22, went missing and was last seen leaving her mom’s house on November 22nd. An investigation then took place to find the missing woman.

A suspect was identified during the course of the investigation, and new evidence later surfaced that led to the development of probable cause in the case of a homicide.

Catrina Pace, the mother of the missing college student, told police that her daughter sent her location via text before going missing. The young woman’s boyfriend, Jason Chen, lived in an apartment complex at that pinned location.

Pace and her husband drove to the apartment complex and were able to access the inside of the apartment. She claimed that her driver’s license and credit cards were at the apartment, but there wasn’t any other sign of her presence there.

Police did not locate Chen that day, but returned the following day with a warrant and discovered the gruesome evidence.

Police arrested Chen after Jasmine Pace’s mother shared her cell phone location with them via pin drop. Chen allegedly drove Jasmine’s Chevy Equinox to his family’s home in Nolesville, Tenn.

According to a court document, police found blood stains on the hardwood floor of the living room, on the bathroom grout, and on the bedroom carpet of the defendant’s apartment. This evidence was found in addition to broken glass and lacerations on Chen’s right hand. There was also newly purchased cleaning supplies inside of the apartment.

The District Attorney General said Jasmine has a voice and the State of Tennessee will not stop until they see justice. Law enforcement have received hundreds of tips about Jasmine
“Jazzy” Pace, and combed through various areas and neighborhoods in Chattanooga.

However, the search for Jasmine Pace has come to a tragic end. Police found Pace’s remains a day after her boyfriend, Jason Chen, was charged with murder.

Jasmine’s family is dealing with unimaginably difficult news, but the State of Tennessee is focused on prosecuting Jason Chen to the fullest extent of the law. Catrina Pace thanked the community for its support during the agonizing search for her daughter.