Suspect hits and kills cyclist during police chase

PHOENIX, AZ – A man accused of domestic violence reportedly struck and killed a cyclist while attempting to evade local law enforcement on Thursday evening in Phoenix. According to authorities, the officers were summoned to a house near 16th Street and Southern Avenue around 8 p.m. following a report of a domestic incident. On arrival, they were confronted by 33-year-old Jamarr Young who allegedly exhibited belligerent behavior and suggested that officers shoot him.

Despite the police’s attempts to control the situation using non-lethal means, Young reportedly defied their commands. The suspect then drove his vehicle towards the officers, rammed into a police SUV, and sped away from the scene.

While fleeing northbound on 16th Street, Young allegedly hit a bicyclist crossing the road and continued his escape without stopping. Emergency teams responded but were unable to save the cyclist, who passed away at the scene.

The police managed to track down Young’s vehicle and tried to conduct a traffic stop, which lead to a vehicular pursuit. However, when Young’s driving became excessively erratic, authorities say they had to terminate the pursuit. The chase ended after Young crashed into a construction fence near the intersection of I-10 and US 60 in Tempe.

Following the crash, Young attempted to flee on foot and even tried to scale a chain-link fence before officers finally apprehended him. Reports say a struggle broke out during which Young allegedly attacked the arresting officers with punches and kicks, resulting in one officer breaking his hand and another receiving multiple cuts and bruises.

Young was subsequently admitted to a hospital with minor injuries. During investigations, police learned that Young was allegedly also involved in a prior assault in Flagstaff on May 1.

Despite fleeing the Flagstaff incident to Phoenix, the domestic violence victim reported that Young unexpectedly arrived and assaulted her, prompting the call to authorities. As a result, Young faces 11 charges, including murder, aggravated DUI, hit-and-run associated with injuries, and multiple counts of aggravated assault on an officer, as well as charges for the initial assault report.

The identity of the deceased cyclist has not been released, and investigations continue.