Supreme Court Throws Out Case Against Bill Cosby

( – After a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that released Bill Cosby from his prison sentence early, appeals to the US Supreme Court began through the Montgomery County district attorney. The highest court in the land just revealed whether it would look at this case. The justices issued no comments, but the ruling puts an end to the saga that began in 2005.

Bill Cosby used to be one of America’s favorite dads as the star of a self-titled sitcom in the 1980s. But sexual assault allegations quickly ruined his reputation and sent him to prison. When the accusations began against the comedian, the then-district attorney, Bruce Castor, agreed not to charge Cosby with sexual assault if he would testify in an alleged victim’s civil lawsuit.

After Risa Vetri Ferman took over for Castor, she ignored the deal and pressed charges, using Cosby’s testimony from the civil case against him. After his 2018 conviction, the TV star appealed, citing a violation of his due process rights. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed it was unfair and overturned his case, resulting in his release from prison.

On March 7, the Supreme Court denied the motion to hear the Cosby case and allowed the previous ruling to stand.

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