South Korea Votes for President After Bitter Election Cycle

( – The presidential election in South Korea has been a rocky road for the two leading contenders, who have battled it out through scandals and controversies. Results of the race will impact the United States as well as other allied countries. The bitter campaigning ended when voters went to the polls on March 9.

The progressive Lee Jae-Myung from the Democratic Party and Yoon Suk Yeol from the conservative People Power Party went head-to-head after a challenging campaign cycle. Whoever wins this race will influence the country’s relationships with the United States and North Korea. There is also a heavy burden of turning around the economy.

The current president, Moon Jae-in, implemented women-friendly policies and worked toward an amicable relationship with North Korea. He also pushed for US officials to foster a better relationship with the rival nation.

Mr. Lee has a socialist agenda, promising a universal basic income. He wants to be diplomatic toward North Korea and open a dialogue instead of being confrontational. Lee also showed no eagerness to meet with President Biden and is unwilling to take sides between the United States and China.

Mr. Yoon wants to end the women-favoring policies Moon put in place, saying they disenfranchised men. He is more confrontational toward North Korea and has accused Kim Jong Un of trying to influence the election toward Lee. Yoon is eager to meet with Biden and wants a bigger US alliance.

So the winner? It looks like Yoon Suk Yeol will take office in May. Keep your eyes peeled as things develop when he takes office.

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