Teen dies after jumping from NYU building

NEW YORK, NY – An 18-year-old female tragically lost her life after leaping from the fifth floor of the Barney Building belonging to New York University (NYU). The incident occurred on Saturday night. According to local law enforcement reports, the woman was found near the building on Stuyvesant Street. The building is primarily known for housing the art department’s classrooms, studios, and offices.

The police arrived at the scene subsequent to a 911 jumper call around 7:30 p.m. The victim was discovered outside the building, severely injured and unconscious. She was immediately taken to Bellevue Hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Further investigations into the case led to the conclusion that the woman had jumped from a fifth-floor window of the six-story structure. The victim’s ties to NYU, if any, have not been determined.

Recounting the events of the night, a nearby resident, Justina Sung, shared her shocking experience. The 30-year-old was in her apartment when she heard a thump and a girl’s scream. Sung also mentioned a fellow resident informing her about someone who had jumped from the building and landed in the adjacent open area.

At the scene, the police were seen examining a blood-stained area on the side of the surrounding fence.