Street party shooting leaves two dead, 15 injured

A street party in Saginaw, Michigan, turned deadly when a shooting occurred, leaving two people dead and 15 others injured. The incident happened after the party was promoted on social media.

Police agencies had dispersed the large crowd multiple times in different locations throughout the city before the shooting occurred.

According to Michigan State Police, the shooting happened around midnight when multiple 911 callers reported that people were shooting into the crowd.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a fight broke out between partygoers, which resulted in gunshots being fired. In response, others began shooting into the crowd, hitting several victims. Detectives later found at least five different caliber weapons that were used in the incident.

There were more than 300 party-goers. As people fled, many were injured after being struck by vehicles that were fleeing. All 15 victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment, but the medical status of the surviving victims is unknown.

There are no suspects in custody, and there is no ongoing threat to the public.