Stray Bullet Kills Mom

Michelle Cummings was shot and killed by a stray bullet in June of 2021 and her husband has been in court trying to get closure after his wife’s murder. A forensic chemist testified that DNA from at least two contributors was found on a piece of clothing.

Angelo Harrod, 31, is one of the shooters charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Michelle Cummings, 57.

The state called four witnesses Wednesday morning to claim that Angelo Harrod shot and missed his intended target, killing Michelle Cummings, 57, who was visiting from Houston and had just dropped her son off at the Naval Academy.

A car was shot as well, and police discovered that the driver was actually the intended target of the fatal shooting. Breonna Barnes was the one who was driving the vehicle.

Barnes said she was giving her new boyfriend a ride home when she saw two men and heard a gunshot. She said she froze, and her boyfriend had to pull her down in her seat.

Barnes said the man reached into his pants and pulled something out, and then shot at her car. She called 911 and told the operator she didn’t know if they were coming back to shoot her.

During the trial, prosecutors showed the jury graphic photos and videos from the hotel patio where the shooting occurred. They viewed body-worn camera video from the first patrol officers who arrived at the Pleasant Street side and found the victim who was shot.

Despite the progress in the case, there are still contributors to the shooting that have yet to be brought to justice. Forensics experts have found it difficult to use DNA technology in their inspection of the crime scene.

Barnes’ boyfriend, who was at the crime scene, also didn’t give any information to police. He was repeatedly saying, “I don’t know nothing, man” as police questioned him about the incident.