SpaceX’s largest rocket explodes shortly after taking off

SpaceX’s attempt to make a significant leap forward with the Artemis program came to an abrupt end on Thursday, as the next-generation rocket ended in an explosion minutes after launch – but the company still considers the test a success.

After four minutes of liftoff, some of the 33 engines on board seemed to fail, resulting in the booster and spacecraft tumbling downwards. Despite this major set back, Elon Musk and NASA chief Bill Nelson still recognize the valuable insight and knowledge gained.

This trial marks a large milestone for SpaceX in their efforts to build a reusable spacecraft that can ferry payloads into orbit and potentially take humans to the moon in 2025, as envisioned in the Artemis program.

The booster and spacecraft are anticipated to be salvaged, and the team is prepared to use the acquired data to make progress with development.