Soldier stabbed to death inside barracks by ex-Army sergeant

A former U.S. Army sergeant has confessed to lethally stabbing a prior comrade in his Fort Stewart military quarters.

Byron Booker, age 29, is from Ludowici, Georgia. He has been given a life sentence after entering a plea of guilty for the premeditated murder of a member of the United States Uniformed Services.

Furthermore, US District Court Judge R. Stan Baker commanded Booker to pay a fine of $2,500 and to serve a five-year period of supervised release following the completion of his prison term.

Booker’s co-defendant, Jordan Brown, 21, of St. Marys, Ga., awaits sentencing after entering a plea of guilty in December 2022 to Assault Upon a U.S. Servicemember Involving Bodily Injury or a Deadly Weapon, and Retaliation Against a Witness Involving Bodily Injury.

Jordan Brown, 21, is the co-defendant of Booker. He is set to be sentenced after he pled guilty to several severe criminal charges.

Booker confessed that he and Brown had talked about “silencing” Specialist Austin J. Hawk, 21. They did this in vengeance for Hawk telling U.S. Army authority about Brown’s marijuana use.

After gaining access to Hawk’s barracks room late at night, Booker repeatedly stabbed Hawk with a weapon. According to the medical examiner, Hawk suffered from 40 separate stab or slash wounds.

The following day, Hawk’s body was discovered in his barracks room at Fort Stewart.