Six shot, two dead in house party shooting

DENVER, CO – A fatal shooting in northeast Denver early on Sunday resulted in two deaths, including that of a young boy. Around 1:30 a.m., six individuals were shot on the 5050 block of Orleans Court, leading to the demise of the boy and a 26-year-old man. According to Denver police, the incident was not random, and it appears to be the result of a confrontation at a house party involving attendees and uninvited guests.

Four of the shooting victims were transported to local hospitals by ambulance, while two managed to get to the hospitals independently. The dispute reportedly escalated into multiple individuals shooting various guns. The slain boy was said not to have been directly involved in the primary conflict.

A resident of the neighborhood mentioned that this kind of crime scene is not unfamiliar to her. She related that there was a shooting at a party on Orleans Court a few days before Halloween. Additionally, there was an instance in May where a shooting suspect barricaded himself in a nearby house.

While she claims not to view it as a dangerous neighborhood, she admits her family is contemplating moving. She attributed the escalating crime rate to the decreasing police presence and the population quadrupling in the last decade.

Denver Police Department investigators are actively working on developing suspect information and establishing the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting, urging witnesses who left before police arrived to come forward.