Single mother and 10-year-old son targeted in road rage attack after school

A single mother and her young son were left shaken and terrified after being targeted in a disturbing road rage incident near Boulder Creek Elementary in Phoenix, Arizona. Kendra Woodruff, the mother, expressed her deep concern and fear as an angry driver aggressively pursued them during after-school pickup. The attacker eventually smashed her car’s side mirror during the pursuit.

Kendra Woodruff had just picked up her son, Connor, from school when the incident occurred. As they were driving away, a man suddenly sped up behind them, swerved in front, and boxed their vehicle in. The man then confronted Woodruff, cursing and banging on her car. In a terrifying act of aggression, he proceeded to smash her side mirror. Both mother and son were frightened, with Connor expressing concern for their safety.

Woodruff managed to capture a few pictures of the angry driver’s car as he fled the scene. The vehicle was described as a silver 4-door sedan, although the license plate was not clearly visible. Woodruff believes that the man noticed her taking photos, prompting him to quickly retreat and drive away. The motive behind the road rage attack is still unknown. Woodruff recalls nothing out of the ordinary that could have provoked such a violent response.

During pick-up hours, the area in front of Boulder Creek Elementary is often congested with a long line of cars and impatient parents. However, there were no apparent triggers or conflicts that could explain why Woodruff and her son were targeted. The incident has left the community alarmed and concerned about the safety of parents and children during school pick-up times.

Woodruff expressed her deep distress and alarm, emphasizing the vulnerability of being a single mother alone with her child. She highlighted the presence of numerous witnesses, including other parents and children, and the unpredictability of someone’s state of mind.

The Phoenix Police Department is urging anyone with information about the road rage incident to come forward.