Shoplifter In Baltimore Shot In The Face By Security Guard

After trying to stab a security guard with a syringe, police say a man accused of shoplifting at a Baltimore CVS was shot in the face.

Located in the affluent neighborhood of Harbor East, the chaos unfolded on Exeter Street’s 600 block.

Patrol officers in the Southeast District responded to the scene around 9:09 a.m. to investigate a reported shooting. Upon arrival, they found an unidentified man with a gunshot wound to the face. He was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

Upon investigating, police determined that the man had been observed stealing items from inside the store. He attempted to leave with the stolen merchandise, but was confronted by a security guard.

The would-be shoplifter pulled out a syringe and attempted to stab the security officer. The security guard retrieved their firearm and shot the attacker in the face. Police said.

According to CVS, no customer or employee was injured in this incident, and the store was closed for the investigation.

“Our understanding is that the security officer involved in this incident is with a guard service for the community or neighborhood,” CVS said.

Baltimore is struggling big time with violent crime and the city has seen a 40% increase in robberies in 2022 so far over the same time frame last year.

The lawlessness sparked by ‘defund the police’ has caused many to turn to private security officers to keep neighborhoods safe.