Shooting spree leaves 6 dead, 3 wounded

AUSTIN, TX – A series of deadly shootings spanning two Texas counties has left six people dead and three injured, including two police officers. The male suspect in the case is now in police custody, facing charges of capital murder. Details about the suspect and his motives weren’t released at the time.

Interim Austin Police Chief Robin Henderson reported the arrest of the suspect. The alleged shooter fled from a confrontation involving gunfire with a police officer. Henderson stated that a day of violent incidents led to the suspect’s apprehension on Tuesday evening. The suspect is also suspected in the killing of two individuals near San Antonio.

Besides the death toll, two incidents of shootings involved police officers. A historian with the Austin Independent School District was shot in the morning and was reportedly recovering. Another officer engaged in a shootout with the suspect later in the day, suffering multiple gunshot wounds. The officer, though stable, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Earlier in the day, police responded to multiple calls about a double homicide involving a male and female victim in Austin. A male cyclist was shot in a separate incident later, suffering non-life-threatening injuries. After the suspect’s arrest following his attempted escape from the shootout involving the officer, police found two deceased victims upon searching a residence linked to a burglary call.

Authorities then found two more victims in a separate incident near San Antonio after investigators found a possible connection between the suspect and a residence there. The circumstances surrounding the victims’ deaths were being further investigated.