Shooting breaks out after the funeral of a hit-and-run victim

DETROIT, MI – A funeral repass in Detroit’s east side turned violent on Friday evening, resulting in a shooting. The incident took place in the vicinity of Van Dyke and Stockton, around 7 p.m. The injured party was rushed to the hospital, and a suspect was detained on site.

According to the Detroit Police Department, a heated argument broke out during the repass, a post-funeral meal, which escalated into a shooting. The gathering was in honor of Charmel Montgomery, a victim of a hit-and-run incident on October 1 while she was crossing Grand River.

Montgomery had just left Lovelee Vibes Grill on Detroit’s west side when she was fatally struck. When the police arrived at the repass, they were met with a tumultuous scene and gunfire. The authorities are currently piecing together the events and identifying the shooters, including the potential involvement of a police officer.

A woman, claiming to be a relative, told reporters that a misunderstanding led to the shooting. She shared her anguish, revealing that her stepfather was shot due to a disagreement that spiraled out of control outdoors where several attendees were armed.

Assistant Chief of the Detroit Police Department, Charles Fitzgerald, confirmed that more than one person at the repass was armed. He recounted the scene, stating that upon arrival, officers found a man discharging his firearm into the air. This man was arrested, and during the ensuing commotion, another armed individual was spotted. A brief chase followed, during which shots were fired. It is yet to be determined whether the officer shot at the individual or if the individual had been shot before the chase.