Shooting erupts in mall parking garage

UPPER MERION, PA – A shooting at the King of Prussia mall left a man nursing a minor injury on Friday night, as reported by the Upper Merion police. The incident took place at the lower level of the Blue Parking Garage outside Macy’s, with the police arriving on the scene shortly after 8 p.m.

The scene was calm by the time the police arrived, but they were able to gather several pieces of evidence from the shooting location. The incident is now being treated as a “targeted attack” since the victim has indicated that he recognizes the perpetrators.

After the incident, the victim reached out to the police from a nearby gas station, reporting a minor injury to his hand. He had been at the parking garage with the intention of selling sneakers to one of the suspects, who ended up shooting him. The victim stated that he was taken by surprise when the suspect pointed a gun at the back of his head, leading to a physical altercation.

The victim, who is legally allowed to carry a firearm, used his own handgun during the altercation. The police believe that at least one of the perpetrators also fired a weapon. Eyewitnesses reported seeing three to four males dressed in black and wearing black masks, who quickly got into a vehicle and fled the scene after the shooting.

The identities of the suspects and the victim have not been disclosed by the police, and no other injuries have been reported in relation to the incident.