Serial Killer Suspect Caught With Gun Before His Arrest

Suspected Stockton serial killer caught with gun while ‘out hunting,’ police chief says – KCRA Sacramento

A police surveillance team followed Wesley Brownlee, 43, around parks and dark places on Saturday and took him into custody after determining his patterns were consistent with previous patterns.

Stockton police believe five homicides between July 8 and September 27 were related to this one suspected serial killer. Four of the victims were hispanic men and one was a white man.

Police released surveillance footage of a suspect in the Chicago shootings, and the Stockton police chief noted the suspect’s unusual gait. Investigators determined the two investigations are unrelated, but did not say how they determined this.

Wesley Brownlee, 43, was arrested overnight “while out hunting” in Stockton and Oakland, authorities said. He could face charges for the murders of six men.

Authorities said Brownlee has lived in Stockton off and on, while also living in other cities. They believe he is the person of interest captured on video from shooting scenes.

Stockton Mayor Kevin J. Lincoln thanked the community for submitting tips and said the event would not have been possible without them.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing evidence to determine the charges it will pursue against Brownlee.

The California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Firearms and Bureau of Forensic Services also helped law enforcement agencies investigate the case and take the suspect into custody.

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