Serial arsonist strikes again within hours of getting out of jail

SOUTHAMPTON, NY – In a shocking turn of events, a woman previously implicated in multiple arson cases in Southampton, New York, found herself back in the spotlight less than two hours after being released without bail. Amanda Burnside, accused of setting three homes ablaze, was set free on her own recognizance, despite the prosecution’s plea for a hefty bail or bond.

The judge’s orders for Burnside to report for supervised release within a three-day window were swiftly overshadowed by new allegations. Authorities claim Burnside, armed with a knife, attempted to rob a local Dollar Tree store shortly after her release.

The incident has ignited a fiery critique from District Attorney Ray Tierney, who is leading the notorious Gilgo Beach serial killer case. Tierney lambasted the state’s bail laws, arguing that they did not sufficiently take into account the potential danger posed by Burnside.

In Tierney’s view, the laws fall short by not allowing judges to consider the potential risk a defendant might pose to the public when determining bail. This case has thrust New York’s divisive bail reform laws into the limelight, a matter that has proven challenging for Democrats at both the local and state levels.

The recent election of Ed Romaine, the first Republican county executive in Suffolk County in 20 years, has added fuel to the fire. Romaine campaigned vigorously against permissive crime policies, and his victory has resulted in Republicans securing all countywide seats in Suffolk and Nassau counties, along with all four regional congressional seats.