Road Rage Shooting Leaves 8-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition

According to Phoenix police, a road rage incident began when a Jeep Wrangler followed a black car. The driver of the Jeep eventually shot the other driver, and the bullet hit an 8-year-old girl in the process.

The driver of the Jeep instigated the road rage incident, and multiple witnesses saw it unfold. The police department in Phoenix revealed that the altercation occurred on 16th Street and Greenway Parkway. The intersection will remain closed during the investigation as the authorities gather evidence on the scene of the crime.

The drivers involved in this road rage incident were a 48-year-old man who drove the black car and a 28-year-old man who was a passenger in the Jeep Wrangler. Their fight took place in north Phoenix Thursday morning.

Police say the two men from separate vehicles got into an altercation, got out of their cars, and began fighting in the intersection. The 28-year-old man stabbed the other man several times.

In response to the stabbing, he 48-year-old man fired multiple shots at the stabbing suspect’s car as he drove away. He tried following the other man in a car chase.

However, the man who stabbed him was not the only person in the vehicle. There was also a woman and a young, 8-year-old girl. In the process of pursuing his stabber, the 48-year-old man shot the 8-year-old girl that was in the car. She was sitting in the backseat.

Both men as well as the young girl were taken to the hospital for the injuries they sustained during the road rage-induced fight. All three are still alive despite the severity of the altercation.

The young girl has been placed in dire circumstances as a result. She sustained gunshot injuries that led to her being in critical condition. The man who was stabbed is also in critical condition from the incident.