Renowned doctor found guilty of wife’s murder after claiming she fell

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The heinous murder of his wife led to the conviction of celebrated Southern California fertility doctor, Dr. Eric Scott Sills, on grounds of second-degree murder. This verdict arrives seven years post the incident in which the doctor reportedly claimed that his wife met her demise after a fall down a staircase.

Dr. Sills, 58, had been under arrest since April 2019 for the 2016 murder of his wife, Susann Sills. Tensions had reportedly been surmounting between the couple, triggered by a nude photograph that Susann posted online as a consequence of losing a bet on Donald Trump’s chances in the 2016 elections.

Following his arrest, Dr. Sills was released on a $1 million bail and began court proceedings earlier this month. The narrative of his wife’s death from a fall was consistently disproved by the prosecution, stating the victim’s injuries were too severe to match this storyline.

The former doctor now faces a potential sentence of up to 15 years to life imprisonment. Dr. Sills had previously reported to the authorities about his discovery of his wife’s lifeless body after her alleged fall on the morning of November 16, 2016.

Subsequent investigations, however, revealed evidence contradicting his story. Distinct blood stains were identified within their daughter’s bedroom, Susann’s usual sleeping area during migraines. Additionally, a clump of Susann’s hair discovered in the room suggested a violent altercation between the couple.

The prosecutors accused Dr. Sills of deliberately staging the murder as an accident, fueled by a series of conflicts within their relationship. To support this, the prosecution presented a series of text exchanges between the couple, revealing increasing tension. One text allegedly showed Susann expressing her desire to leave the marriage.

Susann Sills was the co-founder of the Carlsbad IVF & infertility practice where her husband served as the head of medical operations. The couple had two daughters, aged around 14 at the time of the incident.

Dr. Sills’ sentencing is expected to take place on March 15.