Record High Heat Cause Fires Across Europe. Exacerbated By Drought

The hottest day on record in the UK was recorded in the Gironde department of southwest France, with 42.4 degrees Celsius (108.3 degrees Fahrenheit) recorded in Cazaux. Fires have destroyed more than 70,000 hectares of land in Spain this year forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.

The country’s Carlos III Health Institute estimated Monday that more than 510 people had died due to the heatwave, and that 659 people had died in the previous seven days. In total more than 1,100 people are estimated to have died in the excess heat wave.

The blistering heat wave is expected to peak early this week, with temperatures reaching 38.1 degrees in Santon Downham on Monday.

The Met Office’s CEO Penelope Endersby told BBC Radio that Tuesday is expected to be even hotter.

In France, a heat wave is expected to move away from the western part of the country on Tuesday, heading toward the center and eastern part instead, including Paris.

Researchers at the EU Commission said Monday that nearly half of Europe is “at risk” of drought, and that water supply may be compromised in the coming months. This problem is accelerating because of record temperatures.

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