Quick Thinking By Kidnapped Woman Saves Her And Her Kids

Police in Nevada found a woman and her three children being held captive at knifepoint on Monday after a “pocket dial” to 911.

According to the Mesquite Police Department, 34-year-old Justin Carter attempted to stab the woman in his home city of Las Vegas before kidnapping her and her three children.

A woman and her children were reportedly driven to Mesquite, about 80 miles away near the Utah state line by Carter.

She called 911 from the car, left the line open, and began speaking in a way she hoped dispatchers would hear without Carter realizing.

As a result, dispatchers alerted officers to the location of the car on Interstate 15, and Carter was pulled over.

Mesquite Police Chief MaQuade Chesley told KVVU that this woman and her children were incredibly brave. They maintained their composure, and she bravely called for help as quickly as possible.

Additionally, Chesley expressed gratitude to dispatchers and officers who acted without hesitation to find and rescue the woman and her children.

“They saved this family from further harm by acting swiftly and persistently when responding to the 911 call.” he said.

The following felony charges were filed against Carter shortly thereafter: attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, four counts of second-degree kidnapping in violation of an extended protection order, four counts of violation of an extended protection order, domestic battery with a deadly weapon, and coercion with a deadly weapon.

Additionally, he was charged with two counts of resisting arrest.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Carter pleaded guilty to assault and discharge of a firearm at an occupied structure or vehicle in November 2012. He was sentenced to probation for five years.

His court appearance, in this case, is scheduled for Oct. 26.

Tips For Saving Money On Auto Insurance

The good thing about car insurance is that if your car is stolen or stolen due to traffic accidents, you can always get a reimbursement. That’s the benefit of car insurance. It covers your expenses incurred in the event of a car accident, vandalism or theft, as well as potential damages or injuries when your vehicle is involved in an accident, vandalism, or theft.

If you’re a first-time buyer, or you have a limited budget for your car, you should carefully compare the insurance policies available, since some might suit you better financially. The best way to get cheap auto insurance is to do some research, as you can keep the premium very low as well.

Tips on car insurance

Some important tips to remember are:

  • Higher deduction: If you want to make an insurance claim, you can choose to pay a higher deductable.
  • Research online car insurance thoroughly, since it is much cheaper online.
  • If you install an approved security stop device in your vehicle, you’ll get cheaper insurance.
  • Speak with an insurance broker, who can help you choose the right policy. Ask them how much of the policy is a commission and you will have a standard price to compare for direct shopping.
  • Companies may give you a discount if you are a student.
  • The premium will be higher if the car is more expensive going with a more common domestic vehicle will save you a lot of money on insurance.
  • Protecting and building a ‘no claims’ bonus will lower your insurance rates.
  • Third-party, fire, and theft insurance may be cheaper than fully comprehensive insurance if your car was very cheap. This may not be an option for a primary vehicle.
  • Never give your price to an insurer before getting a quote.
  • Whenever possible, get your own copy of your credit report and show it to the insurance companies during the approval process.
  • Pay off credit card balances weekly. This will greatly improve your credit score which can have a significant impact on your cost to insure. The better your score the lower your premium will be.
  • Update your driver profile oftern. Many drivers OVER estimate their annualized miles driven costing them unncessarily high premiums. If you are working from home or not driving much for othe reasons call and make sure the insurance company knows what your actual estimated miles are.