Dangerous Levels Of Radioactive Waste Found In Kindergarten Play Area

Radioactive waste found at Missouri elementary school – NPR

A new independent report shows that an unsafe level of radioactive waste is present inside an elementary school. The new findings from the most recent report make the previous report seem incomplete and inadequate.

An environmental investigations firm revealed that radioactive contamination was found at an elementary school in a St. Louis, Missouri, suburb located near a site where nuclear weapons were made during World War II.

A recent investigation followed a prior Army Corps of Engineers study that raised concerns about contamination at the school. The Corps found significantly less contamination in comparison to the recent investigation.

Boston Chemical Data Corp. examined soil, dust and plants at Jana Elementary School, off Patterson Road, and found radioactive isotope lead-210, polonium, radium and other toxins.

In their investigation, Boston Chemical found radioactive contamination in the kindergarten play area that was 22 times the expected amount and many times above the amount allowed by federal Superfund regulations. Inhaling or ingesting these substances could cause long-term exposure to alpha radiation.

The Hazelwood School District issued a statement regarding radioactive contamination at Jana Elementary School. The Board of Education will be consulting with attorneys and experts to determine the next steps.

Parents and members of the community are speaking out for cleanup of this toxic waste. It has been in the community for decades, and the community wants justice for this harmful exposure.

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