Post-prom party shooting leaves teenager dead

A post-prom party in Harris County, Texas, ended tragically when a teenager lost his life in a shooting incident. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies were called to a residence on the 8500 block of Majesticbrook, where the party was being held, around 1:30 pm. Approximately 100 people were in attendance at the time of the incident.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez revealed that investigators found 16-year-old Isaac Zetino and another teenage boy had engaged in a confrontation with the father of a girl who was at the party. The dispute escalated when all parties involved reportedly brandished firearms and exchanged gunfire. Zetino was pronounced dead at the scene.

The father involved in the shooting, who has not been named, was located by deputies and claimed to have acted in self-defense. According to investigators, evidence found at the scene supports the father’s claim. He has been cooperating with efforts from law enforcement, and the other teenage boy involved in the incident has also been located.

No criminal charges have been filed yet. Sheriff Gonzalez stated that the investigation is ongoing, and the findings will be presented to the grand jury upon completion.