Many people shot at outlet mall in Texas

With tragedy again striking in the Lone Star State, the Allen Police Department responded swiftly to the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas on Saturday afternoon.

It was at 3:30 p.m. when Elaine Penicaro, who had been shopping with her daughter at the time, heard the shots and sparks flying. Knowing danger was present, Penicaro and her daughter dove into a store for shelter.

Unforuntately, the incident brought multiple casualties and nine of the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. It is unknown if other victims underwent transport from other agencies or were driven to the hospital by friends or family. The shooter was taken down by on scene officers shortly after the shooting started.

Congressman Keith Self, who represents Collin County, released a tweet offering condolences and noting multiple casualties from the shooting.

To ensure the immediate safety of the scene, the Allen Police Department joined forces with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, the ATF, and other local agencies. Texas Governor Greg Abbot also extended a hand of support, promising to provide assistance including resources, to help the aftermath of this tragedy.

The police department established a reunification point on Chelsea Boulevard as the investigation continues. Residents are advised to avoid the area so the investigation may procede uninterrupted.

The shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets had multiple casualties and the police responded quickly, with multiple agencies aiding to secure the scene. There was local support with Congressman Keith Self expressing condolences, while Governor Abbott pledged assistance in the aftermath of the incident. The current condition of the victims is yet to be released.