Police Witness Double Gang-Land Style Shooting Before Firing On Suspects

On Saturday night, Chicago police witnessed a double shooting in Englewood, Illinois, before shooting back at the suspects.

On South Halsted Street, officers were in a marked vehicle when they saw a Toyota Corolla pull up next to a Nissan Rogue just after 7 p.m.

Three people were inside the Toyota, one of whom got out and started shooting at the Nissan.

There were two people inside the Nissan, one 54 and one 17, and both were struck by gunfire.

According to WFLD, both victims were taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center and treated for gunshot wounds.

The suspects fled the scene after one officer fired at them.

The suspects’ vehicle was recovered in the 7th District, but none of them were inside.

According to WFLD, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating the specifics of the incident, which includes the use of force by the officer.

In the course of the investigation, the officers who witnessed the shooting have been placed on administrative duty for 30 days.

There is an ongoing investigation into the incident.