Police investigate targeted shooting that left 8-year-old boy hospitalized

On June 12th, an 8-year-old boy was left hospitalized. The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. near an intersection. As the police pursue the case, they have called upon the public to provide any information they might have.

According to the authorities, the suspect, whose identity remains unknown, is still at large. Assistant Police Chief, Jarod Kasner, spoke about the potential danger posed by the suspect, given the reckless nature of their actions.

In the disturbing event, the young boy from Auburn was shot while inside a blue Mustang. He was in the car with his mother, a toddler, and a baby when the vehicle was targeted.

The suspect, reportedly in a new-model sedan, shot at the Mustang containing the mother and children. In a panic, the mother attempted to escape the gunfire, resulting in a chase that ended with a collision at the intersection.

Investigators believe that the boy was shot as the suspect continued firing at the car before fleeing the scene. The motive behind the shooting and the suspect’s connection to the mother remains unclear.

The investigation is hindered by the crime scene’s vast expanse, spanning across a mile-and-a-half radius due to the sequence of events. A lack of cooperation from witnesses and nearby businesses has also posed a problem.

Detectives are continually conversing with the mother about the incident and appealing to the public for any available photos, videos, or information that could aid the investigation. The police are encouraging residents and workers in the vicinity of the crime scene to check their surveillance footage for any unusual activity.

A reward for information leading to an arrest has also been offered to the public.