Tourists Stabbed for Filming In Puerto Rico

Three American tourists were viciously attacked in the La Perla neighborhood in Puerto Rico, known for its appearance in the famous music video “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The tourists were recording a video in the early hours of Monday when they were told to stop and leave the area by some locals. However, they continued filming and were soon followed by a suspect who attacked one of the tourists, Wallace Florence, with a blow to the head.

The trio tried to escape to the Old San Juan neighborhood, but they soon realized that they were being pursued. On reaching Imperial Street near the Museum of Art and History, one of the attackers, armed with a knife, viciously stabbed Carlos Sanchez Brown in the left forearm and Jackson Tremayne six times in the body, including in the left side of the chest, upper left side of the abdomen, left arm, and back.

Brown and Tremayne were rushed to the hospital while Florence refused medical attention. There was no immediate word on the victims’ conditions. The authorities have not made any arrests yet in connection with this brutal attack.

The incident happened nearly two years after Tariq Quadir Loat, a visitor from Delaware, was killed and set on fire for taking pictures while buying drugs in La Perla. The once dangerous slum, considered the island’s biggest distribution point for heroin, has seen a drop in crime since a 2011 raid by federal agents.

However, despite the efforts to reduce crime in La Perla, the area still remains dangerous, as this recent attack on the tourists highlights. It is important for visitors to be aware of the potential dangers in the area and take necessary precautions while visiting.