Pizzeria employee fatally shoots robber

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A dramatic shootout unfolded at a Philadelphia pizza shop on Saturday night, resulting in the death of one would-be robber at the hands of an employee. Philadelphia police reported that around 8 p.m., two armed men entered George’s Pizza located on Oxford Avenue in the Frankford neighborhood, attempting to rob the establishment.

The situation escalated when gunfire erupted within the store, involving the two robbers and an employee. During the exchange of gunfire, one of the suspects sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head and upper body, ultimately leading to his death at the scene, as confirmed by the police.

The second suspect found a way to flee from the scene, leaving it unclear whether he sustained any injuries during the shootout. Fortunately, no one inside the shop was injured during the incident, and no items were taken during the attempted robbery, according to law enforcement.

A witness at the scene, Bill Hackett of Frankford, relayed information from the employee involved in the shootout. The employee claimed that he acted in self-defense, saying, “What I saw was a guy lying down on the ground. Blood. The owner’s son said he had to shoot him because the guy was shooting at him. Said he had to shoot back self-defense.”

As of now, the identity of the deceased suspect has not been released by the police. Further details and information about the incident are being sought from the Philadelphia Police Department.