Peeping Tom Arrested for Filming Women Inside Restroom at Marshalls Store

A man from Oklahoma has been arrested after allegedly attempting to film women in the restroom of a Marshalls retail store.

Tihron Harrison, 21, was taken into custody last month following an incident in which a mother reported that he had tried to film her daughter while she was using the restroom at a Marshalls store in north Oklahoma City.

According to court documents, the daughter noticed a phone being held from the back of the neighboring stall and pointed at her while she was picking up some toilet paper that had fallen on the floor. She then confronted Harrison, who quickly pulled the phone back into the stall.

The daughter left the restroom and informed her mother, who waited outside for 15 minutes until Harrison exited the restroom. An altercation ensued, during which Harrison allegedly threw a heavy pot at the mother before fleeing the store in a black sedan.

Surveillance footage from the store showed Harrison entering and exiting the restroom, which led police to locate and arrest him. He was subsequently identified by the victims in a police lineup.

Harrison is now facing criminal charges and remains in custody.