Partially paralyzed man murdered for Dad’s affiliations

Saturday, 1 a.m. saw a tragedy take shape at the Lake Merritt Healthcare Center in Oakland, California. It was here that 23-year-old Paris Moffett, who had lived in the facility since September 2022, having had been left partially paralyzed by a shooting that same year, was fatally shot in his own room.

Moffett was the son of the infamous San Francisco-based Eddy Rock gang leader, Paris Moffett Sr., who had recently been convicted in federal court of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, and possession of a firearm.

The violent occurrence was non-random, with two unidentified men sneaking into the facility via an unlocked back door, who then infiltrated Moffett’s room, of which he is shared with at least one other individual. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

When explaining the shock of the tragedy, Moffett’s mother expressed her disbelief and sadness, disclosing, β€œI can’t fathom anyone ever doing this to somebody who wasn’t in the position to defend themselves.”

Oakland City Council member Dan Kalb, who represents the sector, indicated, β€œIt is incomprehensible for a person to anticipate being at risk of a shooting when entering a skilled nursing facility. This occurrence is unique in this way.”