Parking lot shootout leaves one dead, one hurt

LEWISVILLE, TX – A fatal shootout in a parking lot has sparked an investigation by the Lewisville police. The incident, which involved two groups of men in separate vehicles, occurred in a public area, endangering nearby patrons. The location of the shooting was on E. Round Grove Road, just east of SH-121, in the parking lot of a restaurant and an oil change shop.

Following the incident, both vehicles fled the scene, leaving behind shell casings as the only evidence of their encounter. Local resident, Dorene Washington, who lives across the street and regularly visits a nearby beauty supply store, expressed her shock at the unusual occurrence in what she described as a typically peaceful area.

According to the police, the two vehicles arrived in the parking lot together around 2 p.m. The individuals in both vehicles were acquainted with each other, although the nature of their relationship was not disclosed. A verbal altercation ensued, which escalated into a shooting, as confirmed by Matt Martucci from the Lewisville Police Department.

The shooting resulted in two men being injured, who managed to escape in a Porsche. The vehicle was later found at the Bridges of Oakbend Apartment complex down the road. One of the victims, who had been shot in the hand, called 911 and was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries. The other victim, who had been shot in the stomach, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The police are still on the lookout for the second vehicle involved in the incident, described only as a dark-colored Chrysler. The investigation is ongoing as the police try to determine the reason for the meeting between the two vehicles in the parking lot.