Naked man hit by car after running into traffic

LOS ANGELES, CA – An unusual incident took place in South Los Angeles recently, as a naked man was seen running into oncoming traffic and dodging cars. Witness Jerry Garcia captured footage of the strange occurrence that baffled onlookers in the Hyde Park area.

According to Garcia, the man leaped into the street unexpectedly, interrupted traffic, and caused quite a spectacle. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to the incident, which took place around the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Edgemar Avenue.

Shockingly, the naked man was struck by a car amidst the chaos, resulting in significant injuries that covered him in blood. Nevertheless, the man was seen getting up and walking away from the scene. He appeared to be dazed and seemingly disoriented after colliding with the vehicle.

When the police arrived to respond to the emergency, the man went on to tackle one of the officers. Unfortunately, incidents like this often involve drugs or mental illness are not considered to be uncommon.

Garcia stressed the need for staying alert while driving due to such unpredictable circumstances. As per latest updates, reports indicate that the man is currently recuperating in a local hospital from the injuries he sustained in the incident.