Pack of dogs kill elderly man in Hawaii

A septuagenarian man tragically lost his life after being brutally attacked by a pack of four dogs in the Hawaiian Ocean View Estates neighborhood on Hawaii’s Big Island, according to local law enforcement. The victim, whose identity is yet to be disclosed pending family notification, was given immediate medical attention at the site of the incident. However, he succumbed to his injuries while en route to Kona Community Hospital on Tuesday.

The gruesome incident came to light when an eyewitness noticed the man being assaulted by the dogs and promptly alerted the police. The witness managed to scare away the dogs before contacting the authorities. Hawaii County Police Chief Ben Moszkowicz expressed his sorrow over the incident, stating that there was no indication that the victim had provoked the dogs, and the attack could have been averted.

The dogs’ owners were not present at the time of the incident. However, the police have since reached out to them. There are ongoing investigations into allegations that the dogs had previously been reported as strays. The owners have voluntarily handed over all four dogs involved in the attack, along with a litter of 10 puppies, to the county’s animal control department.

The case is being treated as a negligent failure to control a dangerous dog, according to the police statement. Under county law, failing to take reasonable steps to prevent an unprovoked dog attack that results in serious injury or death is a felony. If found guilty, the dog owners could face severe penalties, including a fine of up to $25,000, a decade-long prison sentence, restitution, and the possible euthanasia of the dogs involved in the attack.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death, as per the police.