Over two dozen injured in town hall attack

KERETSKY, UKRAINE – A horrifying scene unfolded in the tranquil village of Keretsky, nestled on the border of Ukraine and Hungary, when an unassuming community meeting was shattered by a grenade attack. The assault left more than 26 people injured, with six in critical condition.

The assailant, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery, infiltrated the meeting on a quiet Friday morning. He managed to blend into the crowd, his hands hidden in his pockets, before revealing the lethal weapons he carried. The moment he brandished the grenades, the crowd was visibly shaken.

The peaceful discussion was abruptly interrupted as the grenades were thrown onto the floor, causing a series of explosions that sent debris flying and the room into chaos. The attack was broadcasted live on Facebook, with viewers witnessing the horrifying scene unfold in real-time.

The incident raises questions about the ease of access to weapons in Ukraine, a country currently distributing arms widely to fortify its defenses against Russian threats.

Local authorities are working tirelessly with eyewitnesses to uncover the details surrounding this shocking incident. The question remains whether this act of terror is linked to the ongoing geopolitical tension with Russia.