One-year-old found dead in car on Valentine’s day, dad arrested

MACON, GA – A brutal crime shocked the Macon community when one-year-old Bella Jordan was tragically found dead on Wednesday. The Bibb County Coroner’s office confirmed that an argument that began on Flamingo Drive escalated to the point where the toddler’s grandmother was assaulted.

Bibb County deputies reported that Bella’s mother phoned 911 shortly after midnight to report the incident. The toddler’s grandmother informed authorities that Bella had been taken away by 19-year-old Akiem Jordan, the child’s father. The man allegedly involved in the assault had driven away from the scene with 20-year-old Rahem Ferrell.

While medical attention was sought for the grandmother, deputies initiated a manhunt for Jordan and the white vehicle he was in. A few hours later, they located Jordan at the Timber Pointe apartments on Old Clinton Road.

Bella was discovered dead in the vehicle. The preliminary investigation suggested that the toddler had been beaten and stabbed. Deputy Coroner Lonnie Miley confirmed the heartbreaking details.

Akiem Jordan and Rahem Ferrell were immediately arrested and are facing murder charges. Additional aggravated assault charges were brought against Ferrell.

Court documents reveal that this incident was not Jordan’s first encounter with violence. In June 2023, Jordan was indicted on felony charges against Bella’s mother. According to the indictment, Jordan had attempted to murder Bella’s mother by stabbing her multiple times with a knife in April 2023.

As per the documents, the assault transpired when the couple went for a walk to have a discussion. When Jordan learned that Bella’s mother had seen someone else during a break in their relationship, he reportedly pulled out a dagger and attacked her.

Jordan allegedly ceased his attack, allowing her to escape and seek aid at his mother’s house. The reasons for Jordan’s bond release following his indictment on violent felonies remain under investigation.