One-year-old boy killed in dog attack

EAST HARTFORD, CT – A horrific dog attack claimed the life of a one-year-old boy at a residential property in East Hartford, Connecticut. The tragic event occurred on Wednesday afternoon and marks the second fatal dog attack involving a young child in the United States within a week.

Police raced to the scene of the deadly attack shortly after 3 p.m., where the toddler had suffered multiple injuries from a dog attack. Despite the immediate intervention and life-saving efforts of emergency responders, who rapidly transported the child to a hospital, he was unable to survive the injuries.

According to reports, the dog responsible for the attack has been described as a Dalmatian pit bull mix.

Investigations have been launched into the tragic incident, with Officer Marc Caruso stating that two dogs have been removed from the home in the meantime. In the aftermath of the sorrowful event, Officer Caruso expressed condolences and support for the bereaved family.

This latest tragedy is disturbingly similar to another fatal dog assault that occurred over the weekend in New Jersey, where an infant was killed and the parents were injured. Statistical data from Forbes state annually, 30 to 50 people lose their lives due to dog bites in the U.S., with nearly 30% of such fatal incidents involving victims between the ages of 1 and 4.