NYC Gunman Shoots 4 Victims While Riding A Moped In Broad Daylight

Scooter-riding NYC gunmen shoot four people in broad daylight – New York Post

Police have taped off a significant area of this neighborhood after two men on a moped started shooting. This came as a shock to many, leaving a lot of gruesome aftermath behind. One man has died and three others were taken to the hospital due to injuries from this daylight shooting.

We spoke with neighbors who heard the gunshots from nearby apartments, and one man said he saw the shooting across the street from a Bodega. The police commissioner responded to the scene, and the other three people that were shot are expected to be okay.

The shooting occurred at 1:55 p.m. on Sunday in Queens, leaving one man dead and three others seriously injured. Three men were hospitalized for treatment of injuries not considered life-threatening.

A 28-year-old man was the victim killed in this drive-by shooting in Elmhurst, Queens on Sunday afternoon. Police are looking for at least two suspects.

DeAngelis spoke with neighbors who said they heard gunshots from nearby apartments, and saw people gathered just watching after the shooting. No arrests have been made, and crime is on the rise in the area.

Travis Blake, 29, was accused of murder in this moped attack that left so many injured and ended the life of another victim.

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