NY School District Warns Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

(InformingNews.com) – Children’s health is the utmost priority for parents, so when schools communicate concerns about medical issues, it can cause a panic. With students returning from Christmas break, some parents have found they may have missed changes that could have deeper implications for their kids.

In one New York school district, a recent memo led some parents to express fear and question the reason behind a new hire. Located in Suffolk County, NY, Eastport-South Manor Central School District (ESM) sent out an email to parents introducing a new physician on the staff. The email stated that the hiring was part of new regulations for monitoring students for signs of cardiac arrest.

One parent told The Gateway Pundit she was disturbed by this notice and concerned that the new procedures may have a link to cardiac issues and deaths in children after receiving COVID-19 shots. She feels this is a sign of the district preparing for the state move to require mandatory vaccines for students.

The communication from the school didn’t mention vaccines or state new regulations related to any potential side effects from the shots. According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, sudden cardiac arrest causes 3% to 5% of deaths annually in people between 5 and 19 years old.

While ESM didn’t comment to The Gateway Pundit on the email or parental response, in November, the school sent a letter to Governor Kathleen Hochul (D) expressing its opposition to vaccination mandates for children, asserting that the decision should be for parents to make.

So, was the new hire overkill, or should more districts be addressing this health issue?

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