Man tries kidnapping a barista through drive-thru window

Washington law enforcement has reported the arrest of a man who attempted to kidnap a barista through a drive-thru window in the early hours of Monday morning, as seen in surveillance video footage.

The Auburn Police Department reported that the apprehension of the suspect was made possible due to the immense help from the local community.

Video footage, shared on the Auburn Police Department’s¬†Facebook¬†page, depicts a coffee shop employee returning the alleged criminal’s change on the morning of January 16th before the terrifying attack.

The Auburn police department distributed surveillance video which captured the image of a suspect in a pickup truck at the drive-thru window at around 5 o’clock in the morning. The video showed the barista handing cash to the suspect when, suddenly, the suspect grabbed her wrist.

In the video, law enforcement noted that the perpetrator was attempting to use one hand to secure a zip-tie device around the female victim and pull her through the window. The barista was able to fend off the assailant, causing the money to fall from his grasp as he ran away in a pickup truck.

Police officers mentioned that the unknown individual had a distinct tattoo on his forearm that seemed to spell the word “Chevrolet”.

A police officer informed Fox News Digital that the person of interest was apprehended at their residence in Auburn, located about 30 miles away from Seattle. During the investigation at the suspect’s home, officers searched their pickup truck and found evidence linking them to the crime, the officer revealed.

The officer shared, “it was overwhelming support from the community calling the tip line that really pushed this thing over the edge.”

The police department announced the arrest of a suspect the day after the crime was committed. The identity of this person is anticipated to be revealed during their initial court hearing Wednesday morning.