Nearly 70% of Americans Distrust Fauci on COVID

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the public face of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s been a leader in making mandates and recommendations to both Presidents Trump and Biden. The American public embraced him initially, but it appears he’s falling out of favor with a majority of the public.

A NewsNation/Decision Deck HQ poll released on January 13 shows only 31% of people trust Dr. Fauci when it comes to the virus. Most people said they would seek advice from their personal doctors rather than the top US health official.

Criticism of the doctor likely isn’t helping his public perception. He’s faced accusations of continually changing his stance on important issues, such as the efficacy of masks. He also has undergone questioning from lawmakers about the origins of the virus that have made a stir in conservative media outlets.

Americans are suffering fatigue over the pandemic, leading them to tune out anything and everything related to it, including Fauci. Professor Robert Murphy of Northwestern University said people don’t want to think about COVID-19 anymore. They are over all the restrictions and the problems, which means they want to disassociate with anything that reminds them of the virus.

The doctor’s future doesn’t look good. As he continues his pandemic response, Fauci needs Americans to trust him if he wants to accomplish his ambitious goals. And it appears the public’s trust in him is at an all-time low.

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