NATO Scrambles to Prepare Response Amid Fears Russia May Use Phosphorous Bombs

( – The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is entering the fifth week, and tensions have only increased. Russia already stands accused of using phosphorus bombs. Now, the United States is weighing how it will react if the Kremlin escalates the situation and begins using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

On March 24, NATO allies met in Brussels to discuss the threat posed by Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Oleksiy Biloshytskiy, the deputy head of Kyiv’s police, accused Putin of using phosphorus bombs in Kramatorsk on March 21, and concerns keep rising about the potential he will use worse weapons soon.

In his statement, Biloshytskiy said Russia violated the 1949 Geneva Convention and committed crimes against humanity with his use of banned weapons. Many observers feel the acts prove the Kremlin is frustrated at its slow advancement and evidence that Putin will begin ordering the use of other more severe steps.

President Joe Biden also noted the threat of escalation. Jen Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, explained that the use of chemical weapons would change the situation and the response. He called it a “blatant violation of international law.” He said such attacks cause widespread contamination and create catastrophic consequences. Any aftereffects would likely impact NATO partners, which is a concern.

Neither NATO nor the United States has committed to how they would act if Putin amps up his attacks in Ukraine. They simply stress more severe repercussions would happen.

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