Mom found dead after she didn’t pick her kids up from daycare

In Spokane, Washington, authorities have taken a man into custody for the alleged murder of a woman who was found dead after failing to pick up her children from daycare.

On February 9th, the Spokane Police Department received a call for a welfare check at an apartment on the 500 block of W. Sinto Avenue. Upon arrival, the officers discovered the victim with signs of trauma.

According to the daycare workers, they had attempted to reach the parent multiple times before calling the police.

Security footage captured the deceased woman entering her apartment around 5 p.m. and argued with a man identified as Jean Paul Kirkpatrick. The video showed the two standing outside the apartment door for several minutes, and Kirkpatrick was seen leaving the apartment with a black bag, before driving away.

Kirkpatrick was arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder.

He also has 11 prior convictions. These former criminal convictions include multiple thefts and misdemeanors. The misdemeanors involved the suspect violating a domestic violence no-contact order, as well as interfering with a domestic violence report.

The victim’s identity is yet to be released by the medical examiner’s office. The investigation is still going on, and no further details have been disclosed to the public.