Mom abandons her young kids at home by themselves for 2 months straight

The Roman Forest Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Raven Yates, a Texas mother who allegedly left her 12-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son unattended for two months in 2020.

Yates is facing two counts of abandoning/endangering a child without the intent to return. Law enforcement is currently searching for the mother of two.

On November 14th, law enforcement was informed by the kids’ father that they had been living by themselves since September 28th. It was further reported that during this time, they had limited access to essential necessities such as food and medicine.

The father, who was situated in California, rapidly traveled to Texas as reported by the police. He informed the police that his ex-mother-in-law had seen Yates in Mobile, Alabama without the children.

Their dad came to the realization that the children had been abandoned when the 12-year-old girl requested him to send them food on a regular basis.

The father contacted the authorities and arrived at the house where his two children were located. There were no groceries in the cupboards or refrigerator, yet the kids seemed to be in a healthy condition.

According to the police, neither of the young children were registered in school.

The two children are safe with their grandmother in Alabama, cops said. Investigators discovered that weeks before Yates left her children behind she had reported that a third, 14-year-old child had run away from home.

Police announced that the two children are in the care of their grandmother in Alabama. Investigators learned that another 14-year-old child ran away from the same house just weeks before the other two siblings were abandoned.