Massive Pile-Up Kills At Least Three And Injures Dozens

Several cars were involved in a massive pileup on the Ohio Turnpike Friday afternoon, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Troopers on the scene reported three fatalities and multiple injuries.

Several counties are participating in the rescue operations. The parties involved in the crash are being transported by bus to a local facility to stay warm.

According to OSHP, weather was a factor in the crash. Authorities advise avoiding travel because blowing snow can greatly reduce visibility greatly.

According to Sgt. Ryan Purpura of OSHP, drivers should “go slowly, be patient, increase your following distance, and always buckle up.”

Governor Mike DeWine expressed sympathy to families who have lost loved ones due to inclement weather.

Weather-related auto accidents have claimed the lives of at least four Ohioans since the storm began, according to the statement.

The current winter weather system is causing mayhem all across the mid-west and northeastern United States, with thousands of flights out of dozens of major cities canceled. Leaving thousands of last-minute travelers stuck in their current locations.