Massive Alligator Kills A Man At The Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

11-foot alligator kills man in Myrtle Beach yacht club community – Fox News

On Friday, a giant, 11-foot alligator snatched and killed an unknown victim in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after retrenching into a nearby retention pond. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources euthanized the animal on the scene, and authorities said there is no ongoing threat to residents.

Authorities say there is no ongoing threat to residents and travelers in the area. Still, one resident wrote on Facebook that the incident allegedly happened after the condominium complex refused to cut the grass around the retention ponds.

There are at least three giant alligators living in those ponds.

Alligators have been spotted in the area for years, and resident Jason Repak tweeted a photo of an alligator coming out of the pond, joking that three alligators must have escaped a nearby alligator zoo. But following the news of the fatality on Friday, Repak said he is always cautious in the area while walking his dog and keeps his kids away from the edges of the ponds.

According to a list of various sources, roughly two people per year are killed by alligators in the United States, with anywhere from 10-20 attacks.

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