Maryland Mom Allegedly Assaults Her Daughter’s 12-Year-Old Bully in School

After being buzzed into Aberdeen Middle School on Tuesday morning, Kelly Sadik allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old girl she accused of bullying her daughter.

At around 8:15 am, Sadik and her daughter entered the school. However, rather than going to the office, they went directly to a classroom.

Police said that a verbal confrontation ensued, and Sadik placed her hands on the child. She physically grabbed them in an effort to continue the conversation. A teacher was ultimately able to intervene, and Sadik left a bruise on the alleged bully’s arm.

Second-degree assault and trespass charges were filed against Sadik. Her actions have been condemned by school officials and law enforcement.

Her daughter’s father expressed shock and concern, highlighting the frightening possibilities of the incident, including the risk of Sadik carrying a weapon.

Harford County Public Schools assured parents that safety measures are in place for visitors, and that school staff reacted quickly when Sadik broke protocol. Nevertheless, the incident raises concerns about school security and the impact of bullying on students.

Judy Kilber, the attacked girl’s grandmother, emphasized the need for action from the school district to address bullying and harassment. She mentioned that her granddaughter was also a victim of bullying at the school, highlighting a larger problem within the district.