Elderly Man Charged With Murder Allegedly Used Arson To Remove Tenant

A small-town tragedy unfolded in Idabel, Oklahoma when an elderly homeowner, Allen Shaw, 89, and his friend, Randy Sander, 68, were charged with second-degree arson and murder after setting fire to a home in the area.

Friction between the two parties began on February 20th, when deputies were called to Shaw’s property in response to a dispute. Shaw informed the officers that two individuals who had been living on the premises for two years had failed to pay their rent and refused to leave.

The renters voiced their apprehension about Shaw’s frequent presence on the property, however the deputies insisted that no laws had been broken, so the matter had to be resolved through an eviction process and left shortly after.

Unfortunately, a week passed and Shaw, along with his companion Sander, returned to the home. The two are then accused of setting the property on fire, and amidst the blaze, the female tenant, 43-year-old Danette Stowe, had tried rescuing her pets, but she and her two dogs were found dead inside the house afterwards. Her husband was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Later that same day, Shaw and Sander had been apprehended at another residence in the city of Idabel. They have been detained at the McCurtain County Jail and each have bail of $500,000.