Man who allegedly killed his family for inheritance money dies in jail while waiting for trial

Nathan Carman, a man from Vermont facing serious charges tied to his mother’s death, has died in jail while waiting for his trial.

Carman, 29, proclaimed his innocence against charges of fraud and first-degree murder in the death of his mother, Linda Carman, was preparing for trial in October.

Carman was also alleged to have shot his wealthy grandfather, John Chakalos, while he slept in 2013, with an aim to inherit his grandfather’s wealth and property. Even though he was not charged for this murder, these allegations were a significant part of the eight-count indictment against him. Carman consistently rejected all accusations regarding both deaths.

Details surrounding Carman’s death are currently under investigation. According to Doug Losue, superintendent of the Cheshire Corrections Department, Carman was found dead in his jail cell by guards early in the morning. The U.S. Marshals Service has confirmed his death, stating that he died in their custody.

Martin Minnella, a member of Carman’s legal team, recalls his client being in good spirits the last time they spoke, fully prepared to fight his case.

Prosecutors claim that Carman planned to murder his mother during a fishing trip, and then report a boat accident where his mother went missing. Despite being rescued in an inflatable raft eight days after embarking on the trip from a Rhode Island marina, his mother’s body was never found. The authorities claimed Carman had altered the boat to make it more likely to sink, an accusation he denied.

Prosecutors pointed out that his mother’s and grandfather’s deaths cleared the way for him to receive an estimated $7 million inheritance from his grandfather’s estate, which is currently held up in probate court. His aunts had been attempting to prevent him from receiving any money from the estate.

Carman’s defense attorneys, Minnella and David Sullivan, criticized the charges brought against their client, particularly allegations linked to his grandfather’s murder. They believe he would have been vindicated if the trial had taken place.

Authorities claimed that Carman had planned his inheritance scheme over almost a decade. This included purchasing a rifle in New Hampshire, which he allegedly used to murder his grandfather in Connecticut. Prosecutors say Carman also got rid of his computer’s hard drive and his truck’s GPS unit.

Following his grandfather’s death, Carman received $550,000 from his grandfather’s bank accounts, and he relocated to Vermont.

Carman’s unexpected death brings an abrupt end to the case.