Man attacks two young American women in Germany at Neuschwanstein Castle killing one

On Wednesday afternoon in Bavaria, Germany, an American woman became the victim of a horrible tragedy at Neuschwanstein Castle. The 21-year-old woman was hiking with a 22-year-old friend when they were both persuaded by an American man to follow him down a hidden pathway to a viewing spot.

What came next was unexpected and devastating. The man viciously attacked the 21-year-old woman and tried to sexually assault her when the 22-year-old tried to intervene who the attacker threw into a steep cliff. Then the 21-year-old was thrown down a steep slope, falling almost 50 meters and suffering fatal injuries.

The friend of the victim was able to provide enough information when she was found by the Füssen mountain rescue service to locate her companion and get both of them the medical assistance.

Unfortunately, in spite of the rescue teams’ efforts, the 21-year-old woman passed away in the hospital soon after being taken by airlift. Following the incident, the US Embassy in Germany and the US Consulate in Munich confirmed they were aware of the situation but would not be able to comment further.

Miraculously, the attacker of the two unsuspecting hikers was apprehended quickly and is being investigated for attempted murder, sexual assault and murder in connection with the incident.

This sordid case serves as a reminder to readers of the dangers of travelling abroad, particularly for women, and the importance of staying vigilant when visiting unfamiliar places.